VDS Rail announces TTCMP for Backbone

September 15, 2016

Today VDS Rail announces TTCMP© for Backbone (T4B), its new advancement in the configuration and management of on-board networks in rolling-stock environments.

By combining established network standards with the extended capabilities of VDS Rail Train Topology and Configuration Management Protocol (TTCMP©), T4B provides a solution for Train Communication Network (TCN) reconfiguration when two or more consists are coupled and decoupled. Respect to IEC-61375, T4B can be implemented with a simpler network architecture and provides control interfaces compatible with the standard.

TTCMP© for Backbone implements the required traffic routing and switching capabilities by leveraging the existing fabric of the VDS Rail consist switches, giving to manufacturers and system integrators the opportunity of significant cost reductions.

Read more about TTCMP for Backbone (PDF)

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